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Direct Insight monitors your website or API making sure it behaves like you expect it does. Be the first to know when your website or API does not work as expected.

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Why Direct Insight?

It's for people who want to make sure that their website or API works as expected.


Powerful and customizable notifications. Select which notification channel you'd like to use. Choose from Email Slack Webhook and more to come!

No hidden fees

No hidden charges, surprise fees or fluctuating costs. Pay precisely what your plan says (exclusive of VAT) and nothing more.

30 second interval

Monitor you websites or APIs with a 30-second interval allowing you to always make sure that your website or API functions.


Bring your whole team to Direct Insight. In every plan you can have unlimited team members with different roles like Administrator and Editor .

Monitor your website or API like never before

Define what response you expect from your API or website and get useful insights on your API or website.

Write rules for your HTTP response

Create custom assertions for your HTTP response. These assertions will be called at an interval chosen by you, thereby assuring that your website or API works as expected.


Validate your API with any of the following comparison operators: = != > >= < <= contains

JSON response

Get autocompleted assertions for your JSON response.

HTML response

Write assertions for your HTML responses by checking if a piece of text or HTML occurs within a website.
Performance monitor

In depth look per validation

See a complete state of your API per validation to precisely see what happens if an error occurs.


See your API response per validation, allowing you to see a complete context when a validation error occurs.
Monitor validation modal

Performance monitoring

We monitor your performance over time. Set notifications when the performance reaches a certain threshold (in milliseconds). Be the first to know when your API slows down.

Monitor the performance of your website or API per 1 hour 6 hours 24 hours 7 days 14 days


Setup notifications when your performance drops below a certain threshold.
Performance monitor


14-day trial, no credit card needed during your trial.

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Do you have more than 100 websites that need monitoring? We can set up a custom plan for your specific use case. Get in touch with us!


  • No hidden fees

  • Monitor every 30 seconds

  • Unlimited team members

  • All features

  • Customizable notifications

  • Performance monitoring

  • 14-day data retention. Need more? Get in touch with us!

  • Complete validation history

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You always start with a 14 days trial.
No credit card needed during your trial.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to us!

What is a monitor?
A monitor is a website or an API which will be checked, on an interval chosen by you, and compared to custom rules created by you. Making sure that your website or API works like you expect it does.
Do you offer a trial?
Yes, we do! We offer a 14-day trial with no credit card needed! Once you create your account the 14-day free trial will start.
What type of payments do you accept?
We use Stripe as our payment provider. You can pay comfortably with PayPal or credit card. Whatever fits you best. If you need another payment method, please contact us.
Do you offer a free plan?
Unfortunately no. However, we do offer the highest quality and reliability with our paid plans.

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